Our corporate and business entity practice provides a broad range of legal services to small and mid-sized businesses. We cater to the needs of closely held and family-owned companies. Our goal is to serve our clients in the role of in-house counsel. We are experienced in the formation of many types of business entities: stock corporations, partnerships and multi or single member limited liability companies. We also handle a wide variety of corporate and business governance and compliance issues.

Commercial and Business Transactions:

Our attorneys have years of experience negotiating and closing complex business transactions from the purchase and sale or lease of commercial real estate to the transfer of stock or business assets. Whether lending advice concerning the terms of a vendor's contract or preparing an agreement to protect a client's vital business interests, we assist with practical advice and tested documentation that is both thorough and easy to understand. We have the knowledge and experience to handle the most sophisticated business transaction and the most commonplace contractual issues, with the same high degree of professional skill.


We have represented architects, engineers, general contractors and sub-contractors throughout the construction industry; and litigated and mediated a host of construction related claims, from performance and payment disputes to contractual disputes over the meaning and effect of AIA documents. We are well versed in the relationships between architects, owners, general and sub-contractors and the ways in which those relationships can affect performance and the right to payments. We have knowledge and experience in bringing and defending bond claims, mechanic's lien claims and claims under the Little Miller Act.